Hi I’m Brittney

Hi! I am Brittney, mother to three beautiful babies and wife to my Jesus-loving, photographer husband Luke. I am the big sister to 5 brothers, 4 step brothers, and 4 sisters. I love summer first, then fall, then spring and winter last. I was born in Ohio but throughout my life I have moved all over the country, from sunny Florida to red soiled Alabama to southern love South Carolina. My husband and I met here in beautiful Fort Mill, South Carolina where we live now. We travel all over and our plan is to one day live full time in Africa as missionaries where I want to hold and kiss orphaned faces.

 I love Jesus and all the people that He died for. My life has been changed and blessed by His never ending love! His personal love for me and my family on a daily basis fuels me with a passion I can not contain. I have chosen to give my life to Him and His people.

     I love being a mommy! I tell people often that our children make us better people, and it is really true. In every way they teach me and help me to grow into the person that I have always wanted to be. I adore their smiles, laughs, eyes, lips, cheeks, noses, the way they love and forgive and trust. Yes, being a mom can be really hard and there are days you want to pull your hair out and run in the back yard in big circles screaming. But those moments pass fast and don’t compare to the joy and love that they give. I dream of adopting a little African boy and girl, and an Asian little girl. I dream of their names, their faces, their smiles, tears, fears and all that they will bring. I dream of giving them a loving family of brothers and sisters and mommy and daddy, that will love them, in all their ways good, bad, and ugly!

     My husband and I started our photography business to support ourselves in ministry. We love taking pictures of people and their loved ones on their special days with the ones they love the most.

I love making things, creating, eating healthy, dancing, singing, being with my family, taking pictures and sharing it all with you! The 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s are my favorite.  Part of the way I express myself is through style, by dress, home decor, art and so on.
     I love to love and Jesus is teaching me how! If you are here please follow and comment! And I am looking forward to getting to know you!

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